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Hey my friends my film review is about the movie "The Full Monty", maybe you like it too.


Lately I watched the movie “The Full Monty”. It is a British comedy drama from year 1997, which is directed by Peter Cattaneo and the screenplay is written by Simon Beaufoy. The movie was completed in just 40 days. It takes places in the industrial city of Sheffield, which is also named the “City of Steel”. The Full Monty has won a lot of awards and recognitions. Later the film was transformed into a musical in many different languages.


The movie deals with the people who lost their jobs in the steel crisis in England and how they earn money now.


The moviimagee starts in the past with a short part about the city and the steel industry. 25 years later many people in Sheffield loose their jobs in the steel industry. The main characters Gary (Robert Carlyle) and Dave (Mark Addy) loose their jobs as well. At first the two friends try to get money stealing metal from a mine but they fail. That is how a poster of the Chippendale’s stripteaseact calls attention to them on a walk through the city. They have heard that the Chippendale’s earn a lot of money with their show. That's why Gary gets the idea to form an own striptease group, therefore the two friends have to find four other members. Moreover, in Sheffield are many people who have lost their jobs as well. That is why it is easy for them to find other members (Steve Huison, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Barber and Hugo Speer). Furthermore Gary and Dave also have problems at home. Dave is afraid to lose his wife and Gray, who is separated from his wife, has no money for his son to pay his alimony. Former steel supervisor Gerald (Tom Wilkinson) has not even told his wife, that he has been laid off yet. In addition, the six men have money problems, therefore they have to train hard for their show. The idea seems to fail, because they do not believe in themselves. They think they do not have the perfect body to strip in front of hundred women. The six friends have to overcome many obstacles for their aim of earning money with dancing.  That is why there is always the question, if they perform.


The movie “The Full Monty” is about the problem to overcome the unemployment. It shows six ordinary guys, trying to get the acceptance of their wives even though they do not have a job. The men strip to pay the bills and to earn money for their families. The movie develops a broad and healthy band of humor. Furthermore it is bawdy, but also gentle and good-hearted. Because of this you also can empathize with the characters.

 Another significant point is that the actors play their role very well and convincingly. Moreover, the actors seem to thrive on the team spirit. In addition, Mark Addy is memorable as big-hearted Dave and Gary, who is played by Robert Carlyle, is hit by the fate. He gets easy awkward situations with his estranged son. Another aspect is that they wear well-chosen costumes illustrating the situation in which they find themselves.


Apart from that, the film's last scene is not hard to guess, although it is less explicit than some viewer might expect. The audience applauded at the performance, but I wish there would have been another scene afterward. For example scenes, where Gary's divorcee congratulates him and say him that he still can meet his son in the future. Sadly it is not to see what they do after their performance. For instance they could show how they feel after their performance, and I wanted to see success on the faces of the men.


Although the film had a low budget for the shooting and was recorded in a very short time without much effort, it convinced me. The director has places the historical background well in the movie. Moreover, the film usually remains exciting and entertaining. Not only that, I also think that the location was chosen very suitable. The city increased the stories situation and actors lifestyle. For example many people lived in small apartments in narrow streets and those, who still had a job, lived in nice big houses. In that aspect illustrates the movie the social differences at this time. Besides this, Sheffield looks more like a comfortable, decrepit village than a metropolis of the opening sequence. For instance everyone knows each other, meets at the job center, and swaps badinage in the street.  Besides, the music in the background underlines the film significantly and creates an amusing but sometimes also meditative atmosphere. For example at the beginning of the movie the music shows how beautiful the city was before the steel crisis 25 years ago.



My own Opinion:

Personally, I believe that the movie is very well done and very funny. Even it is a bit older, the story does not play out of date and you can enter in the situation of these men. Furthermore, the film is recommended for people who are interested in the history of Britain. By "The Full Monty" they have a brilliant insight into this time. Moreover, "The Full Monty" conveys very well how the conditions were after the steel crisis of 1973 to 1975 in Britain and especially in the city Sheffield. I could put myself in the situation of the people and how they deal with this problem. This film is from a funny point of view of a struggling community.


From this I conclude that the movie is a very good mixture between a comedy drama and a historical story.


I recommend this movie because it is a very funny British comedy about what men would do for their families and to earn money…even if it is getting naked.


A must see for all comedy fans!




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